NERVES… for my (Jennifer) FIRST Half-Marathon

My nerves are getting to me. Is running a half-marathon even something to get jittery over? It’s not as though I’m about to perform in front of an audience or take some big exam that will make or break my life. It’s just a simple run, right? I don’t know why I feel so nervous for. It’s 7:24PM, and I am laying here, waiting for sleep to arrive. Which isn’t happening. Because who really sleeps at 7PM? Oh right, Joseph. (Lucky him, he can sleep at any given moment it seems…)

I feel relatively prepared.

  • Cute running outfit? Check.
  • Check-in bag with jacket/sweats/etc.? Check.
  • Alarms set? 4AM. Check. 4:15AM. Check. 4:30AM JUST IN CASE. Check.
  • Carbed up for the week? Double check. Man, I thought I loved carbs… but that was pretty rough, forcing myself to carb up. Joseph carbed up strictly paleo (chicken and sweet potatoes). I was a little more lax by incorporating pasta alongside white/sweet potatoes in my carb diet this week, but I at least chose to cook with gluten-free quinoa pasta and organic no-sugar marinara sauce.

But am I physically and mentally prepared? I don’t know. I’ve been training since mid-October when my podiatrist gave me the clear to begin high-impact exercising. I was technically supposed to follow the Nike app training program for the half-marathon… but honestly, as a teacher, there were days when I just did not have time to run (darn you papers that I needed to grade!), and there were days when I just did not want to run. I tried to run at least three times a week, but to be honest with myself, I didn’t train as well as I could have and should have. And that terrifies me for tomorrow. Thinking about running 13.1 miles… I mean, that’s a pretty long distance and a long time. I’m worried for one of my toenails. I’m worried for my bowel movement (TMI, I know, but it’s a runner thing). I’m worried for my lungs. I’m worried for my feet, the left bunion foot AND the right surgery foot. I’m worried I won’t meet my goal to just keep running, no walking! What if I pass out? What if I collapse? WHAT IF I THROW UP? Embarrassing. Why did I do this to myself again? Oh right, I have no earthly idea.

I do know that I am thankful. Very thankful for supportive family, friends, co-workers, and even students who are willing to brave the cold and stand outside and cheer for me as I struggle across the finish line. What more could a girl ask for, right? Wrong. I am most thankful for Joseph, who has been my number one supporter, trainer, motivator, and everything all rolled up into one. Spending his Saturday mornings running behind me and pushing me to do my best when he could be A) sleeping in or B) running at a MUCH faster pace on his own. Helping me with my running by showing me the proper way to breathe while running and how to properly stretch afterwards. Surprising me with running gear that I didn’t realize I needed (wow, ear warmers and gloves in the winter… LIFECHANGING). Always telling me that I CAN do it. Knowing when to let me be me when I refuse to run. And just inspiring me to continue running because he can do SO much. I am fortunate and so very thankful.

AHHHHHHH!!! I really can’t believe I’m running a half-marathon tomorrow! I know that there are thousands of people who do this all the time, but it’s crazy to me that I am about to set forth and be one of those people! A year ago I could barely run a 5K, and here I am about to complete a half-marathon! Well… hopefully complete. Haha, let’s not jump the gun here. After the past few months, I have so much respect for real runners of multiple half-marathons and marathons. HUGE kudos to y’all.

Well, it really is time for me to try and get some shut-eye or else tomorrow’s run really will be rough. A big GOOD LUCK to all the half-marathoners and marathoners at the Chevron Houston Marathon/Aramco Houston Marathon tomorrow!!!

Half-Marathon ready! Well... at least I'll look ready. :)
Half-Marathon ready! Well… at least I’ll look ready. 🙂

7 thoughts on “NERVES… for my (Jennifer) FIRST Half-Marathon

  1. You got this. You have put in the work and now you are ready to get out there and crush this thing. Above all, relax out there and have fun no matter how little sleep you get tonight.


    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words and support! I did end up having fun (kind of) 🙂 But, I’m glad to say that I did it!!!

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  2. Good luck! I had such a wonderful time at my first half. I hope that you do too!


    1. THANK YOU! I browsed your blog – so inspiring! Hope to add more races to my belt in a few years!


      1. Thanks!

        I love racing, so I try to do it as much as I can. I force my training plans to fit around races.


  3. Is it too late to say have a good run? I just finished my first half yesterday. Wishing you fun


    1. It is not too late at all! 🙂 Congrats to the both of us for finishing our first half marathons!!!

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